About me

Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’d love to get to know you but first here’s a few things about me…
  • I’m 30 something (but still get ID’d when buying anything from cider to scissors)
  • My husband Steve is the best person in the world and we’ve been married for over 10 years
  • My two adorable and wildly energetic daughters are my biggest inspiration
  • We have a husky called Rocket and he’s totally awesome (also a total shoe thief)
  • I’m a Christian and my faith helps me see beauty in every day
  • I love living in Sussex – you get the seaside and stunning countryside all in one
  • Golden light is my absolute fave
  • I own way to many house plants (but never enough)
  • I’ve got really good at taking photos while dancing and signing along to all the wedding party songs!
  • I get wayyyyy too excited about pick+mix sweets
  • I absolutely love to photograph people, places and stories and I pinch myself every time I say it’s my job

My style

I am passionate about going beyond freezing a moment in time and actually capturing the love story, the raw emotion, the sacred atmosphere, tear-stained, laugh-lined beauty of a wedding day or season in life. I want people to look at their photos from me and be transported back to those moments that went by so fast and be able to relive them through beautiful, heartfelt photographs.

I’m a documentary style photographer which means I capture things as they happen (and have a great set of subtle ninja moves to get to wherever I need to be to get the shot!). I love working with natural light (I keep my flash for the dance floor or creative night-time shots!) and I love being outdoors and finding awesome places and venues for my sessions. I’ve learned to work well in all sorts of weather conditions so whatever the weather, your photos will be beautiful.

Anyway, enough about me – I’d love to hear about you and how we can make some awesome photos together!
Get in touch through my contact page x