Baby Shower Photography Brighton

September 13, 2015
in Baby Shower Photographer

At the beginning of September I was asked to photograph the baby shower of some sweet friends of mine. They wanted relaxed, candid shots of them and their friends as they celebrated the imminent arrival of their baby boy. It was a lovely, peaceful evening with a great atmosphere of joy and love. It was a pleasure to be there and capture them enjoying time with friends (and looking stunning themselves…!)

Here are a few of my favourite photos from their evening. <3

baby-hoff-shower-1 baby-hoff-shower-4 baby-hoff-shower-9 baby-hoff-shower-12 baby-hoff-shower-19 baby-hoff-shower-44 baby-hoff-shower-46 baby-hoff-shower-49 baby-hoff-shower-50 baby-hoff-shower-56 baby-hoff-shower-88 baby-hoff-shower-105 baby-hoff-shower-106 baby-hoff-shower-109 baby-hoff-shower-112



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