COVID Policy and FAQ's

I understand that during this time, planning a wedding hasn’t been an easy experience – but I also know it will be worth all the waiting and planning and revisions because it will still be your special day – it’s just had an extended build-up. I’m here to help you along the way as much as possible.

This page has been created to give you a space to ease your wondering and answer your questions. I will continue to update this page regularly to keep you informed as much as possible, but of course, if you are ever unsure – please feel free to contact me.

What is your rescheduling process?

One of the more frustrating things about this particular season is the uncertainty of planning ahead. Watching and waiting and keeping up to date with the frequent government guidance has been difficult for us all.

But I want to reassure you that I will do everything in my power to ensure to work with you on ensuring the photography of your special day is taken care of. Naturally, I am getting a lot of requests regarding rescheduling at the moment, also I am taking to approach of rescheduling on a first-come first-served basis. Please let me know your preferred date for rescheduling as soon as you are considering a new date and I will let you know my availability. Due to the increased number of weddings in 2021 and 2022, I may not be free on your revised date.

If, in the unfortunate case, I am not available to attend your new date, I can still help. I have a select number of colleagues I can call upon to come and shoot your wedding. All of my colleagues are hand chosen by me and meet the same quality and standards that I would offer in person. I would trust these ladies with my own wedding and the process would be seamless in giving them the details of your day and ensuring you have there contact details should you wish to get in touch with them anytime before your day, and vice-versa. I would then process and edit your photos after your wedding in my signature style and ensure these are delivered safely to you in line with the package you originally chose with me. Your contract with me would stay the same and nothing else would be needed from yourself other than the paperwork originally sent when you booked to ensure we have all the timings and details or your day.

I know that I won’t be the only factor in working out a revised wedding date, so I will always try to work with you to make the process as least stressful as possible. But as a last resort, you can choose to cancel your contract with me under a COVID cancellation. These COVID cancellations are only available in line with the government guidance to postpone weddings. At the time of writing this, the government Roadmap states that all restrictions for weddings should be lifted after the 21st June 2021. Any COVID cancellations for weddings booked after this date will not include a retainer refund and the original cancellation policy of your contract applies. If the government revises the Roadmap date, I will amend the date of my COVID cancellation policy accordingly.

I completely understand that this will have been a distressing and difficult season and I want to do everything I can to make an unavoidable rescheduling as quick and stress-free as possible. Please know that my lines of communication are always open and I will be more than happy to talk through your unique situation and circumstances at any time.

Will my photography session be COVID secure?

I always work with you to ensure that your wedding or photography session is COVID secure in line with government guidance. This may mean the rescheduling of your session or ensuring that the relevant procedures are in place. Currently that involves my trusty mask and giving you some space as is required by the social distancing guidance. But rest assured, I will work to make these restrictions as unobtrusive as possible so that you can focus on enjoying your moments while I capture them.

As always, if you are unsure or concerned about anything – I would be more than happy to chat with you about your specific and individual requests. I want to make sure I capture the most natural photos as possible.

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Please do check your junk folder for replies, as I don’t always get through to main inboxes! Alternatively, you can add to your contact list.

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