Bartholomew Barn Spring Wedding

It was a frosty but sunny January morning in 2019 that I first met India and David who were full of dreams and plans for their wedding day in the Spring of 2020. They had arranged to get married in the beautiful St Mary’s Church in Easebourne and had booked the beautiful Bartholomew Barn in West Sussex for their reception. I was so excited they wanted me to be their wedding photographer and capture their whole day for them!

Throughout 2019 they planned every little detail of their day including India’s bespoke dress lovingly created by Proposals in Chichester, designing their delicious menu with  Food for Occasions and finding their perfect details from Polaroid cameras to confetti. By the beginning of 2020 they were so ready and excited for their wedding day just around the corner. Little did they know what 2020 would bring and that just two days after their planned wedding date would the country be completely shut down due to COVID19 and we would all be told to stay inside to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. In spite of the stress and uncertainty in the weeks leading up to their wedding day, they decided that love would win and they would get married surrounded by their closest loved ones in spite of the fear that shrouded the UK.

The morning of their wedding was full of sunshine and the joy that Spring brings with her arrival. Upon my arrival India was having her hair and makeup done by the amazing Sarah from Sarah Elizabeth Hair & Makeup. She was peaceful, in spite of all the last minute changes that were happening all around her, and was just so looking forward to walking down the aisle towards her husband-to-be.

St Mary’s Church looks absolutely beautiful in the sunshine with trees full of blossom lining the pathway to the church door. India’s dear friend wa arranging handpicked wild flowers which were the perfect accompaniment to the churches rustic beauty. As guests arrived the atmosphere was full of excitement and joy. Friends greeted friends with elbow bumps and massive smiles and surounded David with words of encouragement and anticipation as he waited to see his bride.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as India walked down the aisle and took David’s hand in hers. Their whole marriage ceremony was full of loving looks, nervous laughs and pure joy as they said their vows to each other and listened to the beautiful songs of faith and love played by a trio of ukuleles.
On the brink of a pandemic and nationwide lockdown, they had done it, they were married!!

Cheers of happiness and handfuls of confetti were thrown as they arrived at their stunning Bartholomew barn wedding venue. The rest of their day was full of delicious food, tear jerking and belly laughing speeches, sunset strolls through the fields and dancing into the night fuelled by fish and chips and great music. No one could have known that for the next few months we would all be in lockdown…but understanding a little of what was ahead, it honestly felt like the last greatest party on earth. I won’t lie, I cried on my way home because I didn’t want to leave their amazing wedding bubble and I had no idea when I would next be photographing a wedding day again like this one!

As a Sussex wedding photographer I give so so much to my lovely couples and it broke my heart that so many wedding days were affected, postponed or even cancelled due to the events of 2020. But there are so many beautiful days ahead and I am so thankful for those that entrust their wedding day photography to me.