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It was beautiful, early start to the July wedding of Mr & Mrs Adams. I arrived at the brides home to a peaceful atmosphere and the smell of coffee and croissants from the cozy kitchen where her parents were welcoming the bridesmaids and hair and make up artists. The bride, Emily, was fresh faced and calm and was enjoying looking back on a social media post she had shared a year ago when the one year wedding countdown had started. Today is their day!
The morning went quickly with everyone getting their hair and make up done beautifully and Emily’s little girl and her flower girl playing a bringing lots of laughs to the day already.
A really special moment was when the bride’s father took me to one side and pulled this little pink felt heart out of his jacket pocket – a gift which his little girl had made for him many years ago. He had kept it with him constantly but was planning on giving it back to her during his speech for her to give to her now husband. Honestly, I welled up as I snapped a couple of photos of him holding her heart! Being a shoreham wedding photographer is honestly the best job ever!
And just like that, Emily was ready and coming down their family staircase to the gasps (and tears!) of her family and girlfriends. The amazing vintage VW camper van had arrived to take her to the stunning wedding venue Field Place Manor House in Worthing.

The rain had held off all morning but as soon as she stepped out of the house, the heavens opened and it started pouring with rain…! Despite the puddles, the whole wedding party were amazing as were the brilliant staff at Field Place who were ready and waiting with umbrellas and big smiles.
Martin, the groom, was waiting for his bride under the canopy outside of the beautifully dressed reception venue room. Upon seeing the VW camper approaching the registry building, he scooped up his little girl for a reassuring cuddle before heading over to stand with their guests to meet his bride.
There was a buzz in the room where Martin and Emily were to tie the knot. Their was lots of natural light flooding through the gorgeous french windows, and as a sussex wedding photographer my heart was so happy to see this!
The groom received lots of encouragement and reassurance from his family friends and the registrar’s as he prepared to see his bride walk down the aisle.
And suddenly it was time, the music had started and a hush fell as all eyes were on the door at the back of the room were the bridesmaids has started to walk through in their beautiful red lace dresses.
Emily was stunning and she and her dad walked down the aisle supporting each other and looking ahead to where Martin was waiting.
It was a perfect, intimate ceremony – I’m always surprised at how fast they go! But this one went beautifully, and with lots of laughs as Emily almost put Martin’s wedding ring on the wrong finger!

After the ceremony they left the building to a shower of rain and congratulations from their family and friends. After some quick photos by the beautiful “Candy” camper van (which matched their colour scheme oh so perfectly!) they headed over to the reception venue room across the lawn. These are actually some of my favourite wedding photography at Field Place that day…the new bride and groom walking under an umbrella sheltered from the rain together.
The reception room was dressed beautifully and every place setting at the tables were dressed with a photo of the couple with a gift of an Alzheimer’s badge in honour of the brides Grandad who had recently passed away.
The reception was great fun with a delicious hog roast (how they managed that with the rain I’ll never know!), heartfelt and hilarious speeches and brilliant entertainment from Dean Ager The Rat Pack Man.
Everyone were great sports when it came to having the group wedding photos taken. And later in the evening there was a break in the clouds and I grabbed the new bride and groom and managed to get some super romantic ones of just the two of them with the beautiful greenery of Field Place in the background.
The love these two have for each other and their family is something special and it was such a pleasure to witness and photograph. Emily and Martin’s little girl was an absolute super star throughout the whole day, which for a nearly one year old would have been a big deal of a day!
The bride and groom had planned a surprise in the form of a choreographed dance to the funky song “Despacito” which they executed brilliantly and to the great delight of their guests after their romantic first dance!
It’s safe to say Emily and Martin enjoyed every moment of their wedding evening dancing, drinking and having lots of fun in the photo booth (but not too much fun!) until the clock struck midnight and the white Rolls Royce arrived to whisk them away.
I absolutely loved being their wedding photographer in Worthing that day and wish them many years of happiness ahead with their precious family.

To have a look at their wedding day in photos here is their gallery.

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